Daniel Barotz

President, Senior Advisor

Daniel began providing financial planning and portfolio management services to clients in mid-2006 just a mere 15 months before the Stock Market topped in 2007. He helped his clients navigate and emerge from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The ‘baptism by fire’ that was the 2008 market crash has had a profound impact on the way Mr. Barotz invests particularly when it comes to the importance of having a plan and evaluating and controlling risk in his clients' portfolios.

Daniel has always been passionate about the economy, investing, and helping people set, realize, and hopefully exceed their goals. Becoming a Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager creates the perfect marriage of Daniel's passions and strengths. He spent the first 15 years of his professional life working for large Wallstreet banks, most recently at UBS where he spent 9 years as a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Daniel chose to leave the comfort of Wallstreet and create Focused Alpha where he can provide his clients with the advice that is best for them with no conflicts of interest. He is truly able to provide his clients with IOU advice (Independent, Objective, and Unbiased). Through comprehensive planning, world-class client service and process-driven investing Daniel is not only able to help his clients achieve what they didn’t think was possible but also give them the peace of mind and comfort to sleep soundly.

Daniel graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Economics and has been investing since his early teens. Daniel lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Michaela, his sons Joseph, and Benjamin, and his two dogs Bella, and Pudger. He enjoys spending time with his family, in the kitchen, or outdoors. He is an avid skier, a struggling golfer, an expert cook, and a world traveler.

What That Means For You:

Daniel has worked with unique clients for 15 years and is a longterm strategic thinker who brings value to the investment, and planning process.

Daniel has experience navigating turbulent markets, with an emphasis on downside protection, and risk management.

Daniel helps his clients plan their financial lives. This allows his clients to achieve what they didn’t think was possible and the comfort to sleep soundly at night.

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